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Elephant Festival in Laos in 2013

Elephant Festival in Laos in 2013

The "land of a million elephants" will hold the annual elephant festival in the Sayaboury district of Lao on February 17th to 19th. Implemented by the non-profit organization - ElefantAsia, which works permanently protecting the Asian elephant, the main objective of the event is to raise awareness of the plight of these magnificent mammals. The number of elephant has now dropped to just over 1,000 in the country. The festival will feature about 50 elephants in the nation as well as a variety of activities and entertainment. A fair and the opening ceremony will start with a variety of stalls packed full of trinkets and local crafts.

During your tour to Laos, be sure to sample the local cuisine, which is sticky rice accompany basic dishes like salads, stews spicy curry. The desserts are a real treat in this part of the world, so look for local favorites such as Khanom Mo Kaeng - a cake made of cream of coconut scented and khao tom - rice wrapped in banana leaves.
Khanom Mo Kaeng
Khao Tom
Throughout the festival, tourists will have opportunities to elephant rides and observe the bathing ritual creatures. Special presentations will be made, as well as the annual "elephant of the Year" competition. Coronation of last year was a 30-year-old man with the name of Lembo. ElefantAsia also gives each animal a complete checkup in mobile clinics provided at the event. Last year, it was reported that most elephants were healthy and those who require treatment for conditions, such as skin disorders, were treated on site by volunteer veterinarian. Each animal is micro chipped and their respective mahouts had the opportunity to discuss their concerns and in turn receive advice. Overall, the main objective of the festival is the preservation of elephants in Laos through a fun and informative activity. If you are traveling to Laos in February, do not forget to include Laos Sayaboury in your circuit to complete the unique accomplishments of this country.

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When I get to have a Laos Travel, I would love to taste that Khanom Mo Kaeng. It's like an egg pie or something. :)

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